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Innovative diagnosis and intervention clinical research center for head and neck cancer


Head and neck cancer (HNC) is the sixth most popular cancer worldwide. Over 500,000 new cases are diagnosed and approximately 300,000 deaths occur each year. Despite the development of various therapeutic methods, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, induction chemotherapy and immunotherapy, the overall survival rates of HNCs have not been improved in recent decades.

The aims of the IDICRC-HNC are to reduce the hurt caused by HNC, and to improve the oncologic outcomes and quality of life of patients through the cutting-edge therapeutic plans and the latest diagnosis and treatment schemes. Under the leadership of Prof. Lei Tao and Prof. Liang Zhou,a group of doctors with first-class creation and professional knowledge gathered in our department. Regarding early stage HNC, minimally invasive treatments involving transoral robotic surgery (TORS) and "No-scarring neck" endoscopic surgery therapy are carried out. Comprehensive treatments are carried out for patients with advanced stage HNC by multi-disciplinary team (MDT). These therapeutic treatments involve neoadjuvant therapy, including induction chemotherapy, alone or combined with immunotherapy or targeted therapy, concurrent chemoradiotherapy, and postoperative adjuvant therapy. Furthermore, we develop immune cell therapy (such as TCR-T cells, CAR-NK cells, CAAR-T cells, CAR-Treg cells), tumor vaccine, tumor ablation and other innovative clinical trials for HNC patients when approved by the Ethics Committee. Accompanying experimental studies related to clinical trials are also performed to explore the mechanism related to the efficacy of treatment schemes, and to explore the molecular mechanism of new tumor drugs of HNC.

Director of the IDICRC-HNC

Prof. Lei Tao