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Laryngeal Precancerous Lesions Center

Pre-cancerous laryngeal lesions include vocal cord leukoplakia, hypertrophic laryngitis, and laryngeal papilloma, among which vocal cord leukoplakia is one of the common precancerous lesions in the larynx. However, its etiology and pathogenesis remain uncertain, and there is no acknowledged guideline about its treatment. Our center has conducted systematic and in-depth research on the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of vocal cord leukoplakia. We firstly discovered the possible correlation between Helicobacter pylori infection and vocal cord leukoplakia at home and abroad. Also, we firstly classified the vocal cord leukoplakia into three types: flat and smooth type, raised and smooth type, and rough type. We pointed out that the morphology of the vocal cord leukoplakia is closely related to the disease development and pathology, and thus its therapeutic method can be based on the morphology. The flat and smooth type should be treated non-surgically (cure rate of 80%), while operation should be performed on both raised and rough types. This helps us to reduce the surgical rate from 50~70% to 20% for the vocal cord leukoplakia. Regarding to the vocal cord leukoplakia, our center has a completed project from Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, a researching project from Healthcare Commission, and more than 10 SCI articles in the past 3 years. This is a leading center in China for the diagnosis and treatment of vocal cord leukoplakia.


Haitao Wu

Vice Principal:

Lei Cheng, Peijie He

Publications about the vocal cord leukoplakia:

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