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Allergic rhinitis medical center

The incidence of allergic rhinitis has been rising around the world in recent years including China, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients, and also brings a heavy health and economic burden.

The Fudan EENT allergic rhinitis medical center was established in April 2021, having several senior doctors with rich experience in the field of allergic rhinitis. Besides, allergic rhinitis specialist outpatient sets up five times a week and professor Li Huabin is the director of the center. In terms of diagnosis, skin prick allergen detection and serum-specific IgE detection can be performed at the same time, which improve the accuracy of diagnosis of allergic rhinitis. As for treatment, the center has rich clinical experience in drug therapy and immunotherapy.

The center has an immunological treatment room, which is in the charge of several clinicians and a full-time nurse. They guarantee the patients can get adequate doctor-patient communication and long-time follow-up. Immunotherapy lasts about 3 years and how to predict the efficacy of it at an early stage has always been an urgent problem. Our investigation found that 4-month immunotherapeutic effect is significantly related to 2-year’s effect, which has a great significance on selecting poor-efficacy patient and improving the compliance of patients. The immunotherapeutic medical center has been established for more than 10 years, serving about 1000 patients and achieved good clinical results.

The institution is committed to building a multi-integrated system containing the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and follow-up of patients, and providing the most suitable medical strategies for patients on the basis of diagnosis and treatment guidelines.