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Olfactory Clinic and Research Center

The sense of smell is one of the most important senses. American scholars revealed the mechanism of odor receptors and the olfactory system, and thus won the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Among adults, the incidence of olfactory disorder accounted for 4.5-21.6%. while among the elderly aged 70-79 and 80-97, the incidence of olfactory dysfunction was as high as 29.2% and 62.5% respectively. Till now, the diagnosis of olfactory dysfunction still relies on qualitative judgment, and its treatment is also a major problem.

Olfactory research team of Fudan EENT has long been committed to scientific and clinical research on olfactory. The research on clinical diagnosis and treatment of olfactory dysfunction, isolation and culture of olfactory stem cells, regeneration and apoptosis of olfactory sensory neurons, and clinical transformation of olfactory stem cells are in the leading level. Research results published in internationally renowned academic journals such as "Theranostics", "Stem Cells", "Journal of Biological Chemistry", "Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience", "JACS", "PNAS", "Journal of Neuroscience". The main researchers of the center have presided many projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China , the Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, etc..

In 2020, Olfactory research team of Fudan EENT published a paper in top journal “Theranostics”, reporting the method of culturing mouse and human olfactory mucosal stem cells in vitro and successfully inducing the differentiation of mature olfactory sensory neurons. This finding provides a good biological source for the use of stem cell transplantation treatment, and is expected to be transformed into clinical practice.

Clinically, basing on the advantages of combining Chinese and Western medicine of olfactory dysfunction treatment, we have established olfactory specialist clinics, introduced internationally advanced olfactory function testing reagents, independently developed olfactory function testing equipment suitable for Chinese people, carried out quantitative assessment of olfactory dysfunction, and carried out targeted measures.

After long-term accumulation of experience and technical precipitation, in April 2021, Fudan EENT Olfactory Clinic and Research Center was formally established. Professor Yu Hong-Meng served as the director of the center, and researcher Yu Yiqun served as the executive director. The main researchers include experts from the rhinology team in Fudan EENT and the biological department of Fudan University. The center are making great effort in promoting clinical transformation and scientific research, deepening the research of olfactory function, forming a clinical diagnosis and treatment standard for olfactory, to achieve the goal of improving the quality of life of the people.