Standardized resident training of specialists

        The standardized training of resident physicians is an important component of medical education after graduation. The hospital has a professional base for the standardized training of resident physicians in ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology. 

        The Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology Departments of our hospital have become the standardized training bases for resident physicians in Shanghai since 2010, producing the official first batch of resident physicians trained at standardized training bases in China in 2014. The Eye & ENT Hospital is also one of the examination sites for the completion of standardized training for resident physicians in Shanghai. 

        For the standardized training of resident physicians, the hospital has an excellent organizational management system and implements three-level management: hospital leadership, functional departments, and department heads.

        A post-graduation education committee) led by the head of the hospital was established to take charge of the standardized training of resident physicians and collective decision making on relevant major events. A core group of standardized training instructors of resident physicians and three-level discipline teaching groups was set up to be responsible for the daily work of the standardized training of residents.

        Our hospital built the Pujiang District Clinical Skills Center located at 2600 Jiangyue Road in May 2018, covering an area of 132 square meters. The Center is equipped with multimedia teaching, monitoring, and other teaching equipment. Surgical performance skills are trained using the virtual surgery device and operation microscope for ophthalmology (WetLab) and otorhinolaryngology operation laboratory.

        Since the establishment of the base in 2010, the hospital has enrolled 391 ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology resident physicians and produced 239 graduated resident physicians. The passing rate of the graduation examination is 100%. Every year, instructors and resident physicians win awards from Shanghai and Fudan University. Professor Luo Yi of ophthalmology won the Excellent Teaching Award for their work in national resident physicians standardized training in 2019.