Post Doctor Recruitment Announcement of the Research Center of the Eye & ENT Hospital of Fudan University

Recruitment description:

        The Center offers three types of postdoctoral positions: full-time postdoctoral (including positions funded by Fudan University and by our college), on-the-job postdoctoral, and joint postdoctoral positions. Our college mainly recruits full-time postdoctoral fellows, and a small number of appropriately sets up on-the-job and joint postdoctoral posts are also available.

Job requirements:

1. Correct political leaning, ideological and moral character, rigor in scientific research, and adherence to academic ethics

2. No more than 35 years old

3. Doctor's degree in recent three years

4. Have high academic level and strong scientific research ability. Publication of high-quality SCI articles as first author during their post-graduate study or in recent three years; evaluated and determined by the hospital postdoctoral work evaluation team to have good academic development potential

Welfare benefits

1. Annual salary

        The position provides excellent postdoctoral salary ranging from RMB 300,000 to 500,000 (annual, before tax), which is negotiable in person.

2. Scientific Research Award

        During their work at the station, postdocs can also apply for the award of excellent postdoctoral scientific research in the hospital and are eligible for the bonus.

3. Declared items

        During their work at the station, postdocs are encouraged to apply for various postdoctoral funds, the National Natural Science Foundation, and other projects as project leaders to produce high-quality research results.

4. Personal support

        Full-time postdocs can apply to Fudan University for renting postdoctoral apartments and children's admission to the nursery/school during their stay. Specific implementation policies are subject to school policy.

5. Selective admission

        Postdoctoral students with outstanding performance will be given priority to stay in the hospital.

Recruitment direction

1. PhD graduates of Fudan University: clinical and other interdisciplinary disciplines (clinical medicine ≤ 25%)

2. Non-Fudan University doctoral graduates: clinical medicine and other interdisciplinary disciplines 

Person in charge:Gezhi Xu

Secretary: Nan Qin

Telephone: (021) 64377134-2962


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