Xu Gezhi of our hospital was selected as "Shanghai Good Doctor" in 2020.

On August 19, the third "Chinese Doctor Day", the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and the Shanghai Civilization Office jointly launched the "Shanghai Good Doctor" nomination campaign in 2020, and 20 "Shanghai Good Doctors" were officially announced. Xu Gezhi, chief ophthalmologist of our hospital, was among the 20 "Shanghai Good Doctors".


Ge-zhi xu, director of the physician is vice President of the hospital, hospital, professor of ophthalmology, committee member, Chinese academy of ophthalmology and ccba academy of ophthalmology ophthalmology group deputy head, visual damage and reconstruction, director of key laboratory of Shanghai, is a leading talent of Shanghai and Shanghai outstanding subject leaders, three provincial awards, edited 4 books, published 150 papers.

As the guardian of the light on the fingertips, Professor Xu Gezhi, as his name suggests, has devoted himself to research and thinking on the road of medicine. His original intention was the unremitting pursuit of "light", his ingenuity was decades of self-carving and continuous transcendent, and his benevolence was to try his best to save the sight of every patient who was about to go blind, so that they would not slide into the abyss of darkness. Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular fundus diseases, he has personally completed more than 30,000 cases of complex retinal surgeries, and led a team to complete nearly 40% of the surgeries for retinal diseases in the city. In 2017, he was the first to introduce 3D vitreorettural surgery in China, saving many difficult and critical patients who were about to lose their sight, and is now the doctor who has carried out the most surgeries in the world. In 2019, he led the establishment of the "Yangtze River Delta Alliance for diagnosis and Treatment of Difficult retinal Diseases", which led more than 30 first-class hospitals to jointly improve the diagnosis and treatment capacity of difficult retinal diseases. He established a diagnostic platform for intraocular infections with special pathogens serving the country; The first emergency green channel for retinal detachment in Shanghai was established. Led the discipline to reduce the number of days patients stayed in hospital from seven days to three days, and the experience was extended to the whole country. Under his leadership, our hospital established an ophthalmology center for accurate diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases, realizing accurate prognosis prediction, onset risk and genetic risk assessment of genetic diseases. Our hospital established the first macular disease club in Shanghai to help patients understand the disease, better cooperate with doctors to treat, keep useful vision. He also led expert teams to visit old revolutionary base areas such as Dingxi city in Gansu Province four times to provide free medical consultations for local people, and gave more than 10 lectures and trainings for grassroots doctors.