"5+9" innovation incubation "big nose" construction set sail


On April 16, 2021 Forum and Academic Week of Olfactory and Nasal skull Base Surgery of Fudan University was held in our hospital. At the meeting, our nasal department announced the establishment of three new clinical centers and nine clinical subspecialties. In addition to the two clinical centers that have been established in the early stage, the new development pattern of "big nose department" of our hospital has set sail with the construction of "five centers + nine subspecialties". This move will effectively strengthen the leading role of the discipline, help build a platform for industry-university-research transformation and international academic exchange, improve the level of disease treatment and patients' quality of life, and cultivate a group of young backbone in sub-discipline fields, providing new impetus for the future development of the discipline.

The theme of this academic week is "Skull base with ingenuity, Smell Rose", implying the deep and meticulous pursuit of the nasal department team in our hospital in terms of nasal skull base and smell. For more than ten years, team work together, committed to the innovation and optimization of the nose section areas YiJiaoYan, in 2019 the first Chinese academy of medical sciences, endoscopic nasal skull base tumor surgery unit of technological innovation, also gained the national natural science foundation of China, Shanghai municipal science and technology commission, Shanghai shen-kang medical center, and other support research projects. After years of unremitting efforts, the department of Nasal surgery in our hospital has gradually formed a vigorous and innovative team in the fields of olfaction, minimally invasive endoscopic sinusitis surgery, nasal skull base tumor, especially in recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and the construction of "Big Nasal Department" was born.

In order to actively respond to the call of "disease centered" discipline construction, the Nasal Department established the Nasal skull Base tumor Diagnosis and treatment Center (director Wang Dehui) and the Allergic Rhinitis Diagnosis and Treatment Center (Director Li Huabin), and took this academic conference as an opportunity to formally establish the Surgical Treatment Center of complex nasopharyngeal carcinoma (director Yu Hongmeng). Olfactory disease diagnosis and treatment and research center (Director Yu Hongmeng, executive director Yu Yiqun), refractory sinusitis treatment center (director Li Houyong). At the meeting, Han Demin, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhou Xingtao, president of our hospital, and Zhu Qigao, deputy director of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission inaugurated the new clinical center. So far, five clinical centers have been established under the construction of "Big Nose".

At the same time, in order to further deepen the construction of "double top", promote the development of the discipline of "centering on the disease", nine young doctors as the backbone, the clinical of specialized subject, eyes related surgical (chief Gu Yurong), inverted papilloma of the nasal sinuses (head to huapeng), olfactory nerve tumor (chief Sun Xicai), nasal sinus adenoid cystic carcinoma (chief Liu Quan), Squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal cavity and the paranasal sinus (Dr. Zhao Keqing), malignant melanoma of the nasal cavity and the paranasal sinus (Dr. Song Xiaole), nasal skull base tumor of children (Dr. Zhang Huankang), soft tissue sarcoma of the nasal cavity and the paranasal sinus (Dr. Xue Kai), and endoscopic complex pituitary tumor surgery (Dr. Zhao Weidong and Dr. Gu Ye) were also announced at the meeting. The participants, including Academician Han Demin, Professor Xu Geng, Professor Wei Yongxiang, Professor Zhao Changqing and Professor Shi Jianbo, encouraged the young people in the sub-disciplines to stay true to their original aspiration, keep their mission in mind, forge ahead and take the responsibility of "the next generation" for the sustainable development of the disciplines.

Our hospital vice president, director of the department of nasal Yu Hongmeng said, the department of nasal always adhere to clinical and scientific research innovation synchronous development, to improve the prevention of disease, diagnosis and treatment level as its own responsibility, to improve the people's health level and quality of life as the goal. The Department of Rhinology will further strengthen the training of young doctors, fully tap and play their potential, and help them to carry out in-depth work in disease prevention, clinical diagnosis and treatment, clinical research, related basic research and transformation, hoping to benefit more patients with more professional and more accurate "package" diagnosis and treatment solutions.

Dapeng one day with the wind, skyrocketing ninety thousand miles. Rhinology, not in the number, but in the connotation of rich, comprehensive. Based on this, the in-depth study of the disease will have broad potential and great potential. We look forward to all the centers and sub-disciplines of the Department of Rhinology living up to our expectations and working hard to build an internationally renowned modern and strong research institute to protect people's lives and health.