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The Vitreoretinal Department of Eye & ENT Hospital (EENT Hospital) of Fudan University is one of the largest vitreoretinal base that specializes in clinic, research and education of vitreoretinal diseases in China. The faculty owns over 20 chief or associate chief physicians and are well equipped with sophisticated diagnostic and therapy devices.

The number of vitrectomy done by the department is over 8000 cases annually. Over 5000 of the cases are intricated ones and 50% of which are referral cases from other medical institutes nationwide. The department is leading domestically in diagnosis and treatment of retinal detachment, retinal vascular and macular diseases and leading worldwide with unparalleled experiences in intra-ocular inflammation and tumor. The wide use of 23 and 25 guages micro-invasive vitrectomy system not only guarantees the success and efficiency of surgeries but also less post-operational complications of intricate cases, including advanced diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy with obscured view due to refractive media or contracted pupil and intra-ocular tumors. The time of hospital stay has been cut to 2-3 days and post-operation medication has been cancelled due to improved surgical outcome and less complications.The medical retina division is one of the first pioneers to start photodynamic therapy (PDT) and anti-VEGF injections for fundus diseases domestically. Over 10000 cases of photocoagulation and 8000 intra-ocular injections are performed annually.

The EENT hospital recently has established Consultant Center for Vitreoretinal Disease that involves three specialties: vitreoretinal inflammation, pediatric fundus disease, imaging and retinal degeneration. The center has achieved a series of great research outcomes on these intractable diseases. The department processes resourced and rigorous academic staffs in research and education,including 5 doctoral tutor and 7 Master tutors. More than 50 Scientific Index (SCI) papers have been published in 2020.The department has also undertaken numerous NSFC (Nature Science Foundation of China) projects, research programs funded by province and ministries, as well as National High-tech R&D Programs (Program 863) and National Key Basic Research Programs of China (Program 973) with fund over 6.93 million RMB. The department has published numerous professional works as chief editors or chief translators and has won 4 provincial awards. The department annually holds national academic workshop on vitreoretinal surgery, cutting-edge ophthalmic examination and neuro-ophthalmology, Symposium of National Clinical Cases Discussion and Forum of Yangtze-River Delta. These academic events have exerted great influence and improvement over diagnosis and treatment level of vitreoretinal disease all over China.

  • The intricate vitreoretinal disease

The intricate vitreoretinal disease includes complicated retinal detachment (RD), complicated proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR), pathological myopia, vitreo-macular interface diseases, complex ocular trauma, intra-ocular inflammation, inherited genetic diseases and pediatric fundus disease. The Consultant Center for Vitreoretinal Disease, which focuses on intricate vitreoretinal diseases, is the very first institute founded by the Vitreoretinal Department of Eye & ENT Hospital (EENT Hospital) of Fudan University in China. The Center is driven by Micro-invasive Vitreous Surgery, Ophthalmological Cell Pathology, Immunology and Molecular Biology; thus, it exerts influence in the Eastern China area and even the whole country. The number of referral cases from other medical institutes nationwide accounts for 60% in the Center.

The Center, directed by Prof. Xu Gezhi, now has three subcenters focusing on intra-ocular inflammation, imaging and genetics, pediatric fundus disease. The Center will found Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery emphasizes on severe ocular-trauma as the second stage. The principals of the subcenters are Prof. Chang Qing, Prof. Wang Min, Prof. Huang Xin and Prof. Jiang Rui respectively,each of whom has team on their own. The Center has cultivated its reserve of talent and aims to build up a teamwork force of quality and core competency.

The center will setup numerous featured specialist clinics in Outpatient Center under circumstance mentioned above:

Ocular Trauma and other vitreoretinal disease (Monday Afternoon, Fenyang Setting)

Pediatric Fundus Disease and ROP (Thursday Morning, Fenyang Setting)

Diabetic and other Vitreoretinal Disease (Thursday Afternoon, Fenyang Setting)

Retinopathy (Saturday Morning, Fenyang; Wednesday Morning, Pujiang Setting)

Uveitis (Friday Afternoon, Fenyang; Tuesday Morning, Pujiang Setting)

Neuro-ophthalmology(Wednesday Morning & Friday Afternoon,Fenyang Setting)

Pediatric Fundus Disease(Monday Morning, Fenyang Setting)