Specialties & Service


Each year, millions of patients have visited Eye & ENT Hospital of Fudan University when they have experienced any discomfort in their ear, nose, throat, or head and neck. In addition to taking care an enormous number of out-patients, our department provides inpatient services with 462 beds at two different campuses in Shanghai and performs more than 25,000 operations annually. As one of the largest otolaryngology centers in the world, our whole department consists of over 150 doctors, together with over a hundred of specialists that are committed to serve ENT patients with personalized medical and surgical care. Our specialties include: otology-neurology and cranial base division, otology microsurgery division, otoscopic surgery division, otology medicine, auditory-speech disorders, head and neck tumor center, reconstruction center of head and neck, nasal and skull base center, combined Chinese traditional and western medicine center in Nasal disease, allergic disease of nose, OSAHS, laryngology and voice, and throat cancer department. We are a world-renowned hospital that provides cutting-edge diagnoses and treatments for our ENT patients.


Refining our surgical techniques to enhance treatments for our patients is what our whole department strive to achieve. Cutting-edge technologies such as robotic surgery, laryngeal reconstruction, endoscopic surgeries for skull base tumors, otoscopic surgery, and dozens of clinical research trials are developed to benefit our patients. The research institute of ENT with dedicated professionals lead by a China Science Academy member, a chief scientist of National 973 project, and several outstanding clinician-scientists was founded to promote both clinical and basic research on different ENT disorders. Our groups are working at the frontiers on research topics such as hearing regeneration, gene therapy, olfactory development, allergic diseases, and immunology therapies of head and neck carcinoma.


Teaching is also our major focus. As a pioneer teaching hospital, we devote a significant portion of our resources on trainees from medical and graduate schools through our residency and fellowship programs. The department provides training laboratory for ENT trainees to practice temporal bone dissection, nasal endoscope, microvascular reconstruction, and so on. These hands-on experiences are readily available for any enthusiastic student who want to understand the ear, nose, throat, and head and neck better.


Under the guidance of the State Department to develop and retain ENT talents, our ENT department continues to expand recruitment and training for ENT experts through the construction of innovative and transformational platform. With our dedications in clinical, scientific, and educational developments, our department has ranked the #1 ENT hospital by different reports across the nation for decades. We are honor to receive this title and will continue to aim for providing more comprehensive ENT treatments to patients all over the world.