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Introduction of Eye&ENT Hospital of Fudan University        The Eye and ENT Hospital of Fudan University is an international leading hospital and research center that specialized in ophthalmology and otolaryngology that integrates medical care, education, and research, providing patient care for the health of eye, ear, nose, throat, head and neck. According to the China Hospital Specialist Reputation Ranking List, our otorhinolaryngology department proudly ranks #1 successively for 12 years, and the ophthalmology rated #3 in the nation on the list.        In 1952, the national first-class professors HU Maolian and GUO Bingkuan established the hospital in the aim of finding the best treatments for patients suffering blindness, deafness, or any disease involving eye or ENT. Ever since then, generations of ophthalmologist and otolaryngologist passed on the motto of “Excellence, Unity, Realism, Innovation” to fulfill the purpose of serving patients’ interest first, providing medical service first, and keeping the health in eye and ENT first. In addition to providing the exceptional clinical service, the missions of the hospital are also included to conduct cutting-edge clinical and laboratory researches based on our top-gear research institutes, and to train the leaders of each specialty in conjunction of Fudan University.        Started from Fenyang Road, the hospital has now established 5 campuses in Shanghai (two are under construction) with eight clinical sections including Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Radiation Oncology, Anesthesiology, Emergency, Stomatology, Fascial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Nursing, as well as five supporting sections of Radiology, Pathology, Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Clinical Nutrition. Each year, the Eye and ENT hospital handles over 2.4 million visits in outpatient clinics and emergency department with various symptoms. With 894 licensed beds across campus in total, over 100,000 surgical procedures were performed yearly. By the end of 2021, our hospital has 1477 staff members to offer high quality and affordable specialized care that ranges from the routine to the very complex. People from Shanghai and surrounding area, China, and the world are able to benefit from our outstanding services. In response to the epidemic of COVID-19, the online hospital of Eye and ENT Hospital has established since 2020 to provide medical services for non-urgent cases and managements of chronic diseases.        Leading by the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and various world-class outstanding professors and scientist, the Eye and ENT hospital are dedicated to trace the better understanding and treatments of diseases in eye, ear, nose, throat, and related head and neck regions. Supported by different sources of research projects with over 100 million yuan granted, including a National Key Basic Research Project (973 Project), and several National Key R&D Programs, the hospital focus on various cutting-edge topics including prevention of damage or reconstruction of vision and hearing, mobile intellectualized platform with AI diagnostic ability in diseases of eye and ENT, gene and immunology therapies of related carcinoma or congenital diseases, and so on. In 2016, specialized research institutes in ophthalmology and otolaryngology were established to promote bench research. Additionally, in 2019, the hospital launched Clinical Research and Transformation Center to accelerate translational and clinical research in eye and ENT areas. Abundant achievements are paid back with years of investments, including not only National Invention Award and National Science and Technology Progress Award, but also dozens of academic papers published each year even on Nature series.        The Eye and ENT hospital is home to the ophthalmology and otolaryngology departments of Fudan University. Medical students, residents, and fellows receive superb training in comprehensive specialties. From the fourth year on, medical students receive introductory training opportunities in ophthalmology and otolaryngology by both observation and internships. The hospital runs the premier National Standardized Training Base of residents in ophthalmology and otolaryngology, where provide stellar educational experience under the mentorship of national-level faculties. Laboratory for trainees to practice  dissection of eye, temporal bone, skull base, airway, and related head and neck regions on the simulated system or donated cadaver. All manner of hands-on opportunities is available for any enthusiastic student who seek to understand the organs and diseases better. Promoted by National Health Commission, our hospital started to organize Advanced Study Base and Specialist Training Base for ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, and anesthesiology, which provide advanced clinical training in the diagnosis and management of all subspecialties.        As the only one specialized in ophthalmology and otolaryngology in China, the Hospital has turned itself into a comprehensive grade A tertiary hospital and an integration of a health care provider, an academic center, and an educational institution. Through years of world-wide collaborations and close partnership with well-known institutes and hospitals, like the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Institute of Harvard Medical School, the Hospital promises to lead at home and gain recognition worldwide. To achieve the vision of becoming a world-class EENT specialized hospital affiliated to the world-renowned university and an Asia Medical Center for eye and ENT diseases with international prestige, more efforts and endeavors are required for our contemporary and future professionals.



  • Opening of Head and Neck Surgery Training Course for Head and Neck Surgery of First Great

    Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Training Course held in the department of rhinology, for basic otolaryngology doctors to carry out clinical otolaryngology surgery education and training


  • "5+9" innovation incubation "big nose" construction set sail

    "5+9" innovation incubation "big nose" construction set sail


  • Xu Gezhi of our hospital was selected as "Shanghai Good Doctor" in 2020.

    Xu Gezhi of our hospital was selected as "Shanghai Good Doctor" in 2020.